Who Is Millz Lamont?

Millz Lamont is an American based Rapper, Hip Hop artist and entrepreneur. Influenced by artists such as Tupac, Nas, Jay-Z, Will Smith, Ludacris, Kanye West, Pharrell and many others;Millz’s aspired to become a rapper from the tender age of 10. With music as his calling, he began venturing into the art of song writing when he was just 13 years old, and recorded his first complete song at age 16 in Lewisville, TX. Facing many life challenges, Millz took a hiatus from pursuing his dream, and focused on his family and personal life. Always driven to achieve his goals, he built himself a solid financial foundation to take care of his loved ones and to professionally continue his music

Over the years, Millz refined and developed his skills and talents through continuous lyrical compositions and creation of catchy beats. Propelling his career to new heights, Millz established his own music company, High Society Music Group LLC. With a vision to provide quality music by showcasing a higher way of thinking, he hopes to inspire others to become leaders in apositive way by “not being a part of trends but creating our own”. Always adding new dynamicsto his creative expressions, he released a new single entitled “All of These Dancers”, geared towards empowering and uplifting exotic dancers rather than degrading them.

In store for the future, Millz plans to release a debut EP in Fall 2019, followed by an LP in the winter. With a fervent drive and an unwavering mind-set, he is working towards becoming the frontrunner of his group, while attracting a growing fan base. On the path to taking his music career to the next level, Millz Lamont expects to make his business flourish, as he continues to climb the ladder in the music industry.





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